A Woman Transforms a Boeing 747 into a Dream Home

The Great Housing Adventure.
It’s become increasingly popular to construct homes out of unusual materials like buses, tiny homes, and shipping containers.

These distinctive alternatives come in a variety of price ranges and provide the same degree of comfort and customizability. But long before it became popular, Jo Ann Ussery established the foundation for this fad.

After experiencing complete destruction to her home in Benoit, Mississippi, in 1993, she set out on an extraordinary journey in which she converted an old Boeing 727 into a beautiful and functional residence.

Triumph after tragedy.
Ussery’s journey started when her husband unexpectedly died, leaving her and her two kids without a place to live. She initially considered buying a trailer as a solution to her financial problems.

But she soon realized she couldn’t afford a house big enough for her expanding family. Bob, Ussery’s brother-in-law and an air traffic controller, then put forward a novel concept: relocating to an airplane.

Ussery visited a disassembled Boeing 727 because he was interested in the idea and instantly fell in love. The best part is that the plane, with shipping, only cost $2,000 total. Ussery gave her new acquisition the name “Little Trump” in honor of the fact that Donald Trump also owned a private Boeing 727.

Ussery began the difficult task of converting the plane into a distinctive and comfortable home with determination and creativity. She started a project that would take a lot of time and money for less than $30,000 (roughly $60,000 today).

She deliberately landed the plane on her property with the nose facing a picturesque lake to ensure the stability during the renovation. Concrete was used to keep the tail firmly in place.

Ussery eagerly commenced the interior’s 1,500 square foot impressive dismantling once the foundations had been set. The nearly 138-foot-long plane, with its 76 windows, provided a ton of natural light.

Ussery altered the plane’s design significantly to realize her vision. Even though the original windows were broken, the air conditioning system in place kept the house comfortable.

She installed new flooring throughout the aircraft and gave priority to insulation upgrades. Ussery also cleverly found ways to save space by repurposing the overhead bins and bathroom. The outcome was a beautifully planned living space that made the most of the available space.

A Comfortable Oasis of Uniqueness.
Ussery focused on creating a remarkable and cozy living space after the major renovations were finished. The updated plane now had three bedrooms, a comfortable living room, a fully functional kitchen, and even a handy laundry room.

Ussery went above and beyond, making sure that her updated jet included unexpected luxuries like a phone and an oven. The master bathroom she converted from the cockpit was unquestionably her design’s shining achievement.

Ingeniously, Ussery added a soaking tub to make the most of the breathtaking views outside. The room’s layout was carefully thought out so that anyone entering would feel as though they were floating on water.

The fact that Ussery completed this remarkable transformation on her own is what really distinguishes her accomplishment. She and her kids enjoyed their special home from 1995 to 1999 while residing in their plane that had been converted.

Ussery eventually decided to turn her creation into a public museum because the experience had been so fulfilling. Unfortunately, an accident occurred as the airplane was being moved a short distance, causing it to fall off the carriage and crash.

Ussery’s Boeing 727 may not be flying today, but its legacy still fascinates and motivates people. Her extraordinary journey of converting an old airplane into an extraordinary home demonstrates that with vision, creativity, and perseverance, one can design a home that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Jo Ann Ussery’s story is a testament to the countless opportunities that are available when we dare to think creatively and make our dreams come true.

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