Matthew McConaughey shows his son’s horrific surf injuries, referring to them as “souvenirs.”

The grades of Matthew McConaughey’s son reflect any problems he may have encountered while surfing.

The Dallas Buyers Club actor displayed his teenage son’s surf-related wounds on Instagram, referring to them as his “souvenirs.”. “.

A photo of Levi, 14, and his neon-green surfboard can be found on social media. The boy stands with his back to the camera and has several large white bandages covering his sun-kissed skin. In addition, the middle of his back is covered in a light pink plaster.

Actor Matthew, 53, captions the picture simply, “Surf souvenirs,” despite his son clearly having several bruises. “.

In response to Levi’s post, which resembled his father, followers rushed to the comments section.

Some people expressed fear at sight, but others, like Matthew, just shrugged it off.

“The stories from my childhood that result in me getting cuts, scrapes, and bruises, lol, are some of my favorite memories. This is awesome,” said a third.

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Additionally, a fourth person commented on the comments, saying, “All the fathers, ‘That a boy,’ all the women, ‘poor baby!’”.

The actor, who won an Oscar, has one child, Levi. Along with Vida, age 13, and Livingston, age 10, he also shares two children with his spouse.

When the plane Camila was on abruptly descended 4,000 feet on Thursday, Camila was also in a risky situation.

The 41-year-old model posted on Instagram to describe her harrowing experience while flying in turbulence that lasted 45 minutes and injured several passengers.

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She added a comment next to the video saying, “Flying last night, the plane dropped about 4000 feet, seven people went to the hospital, and stuff was flying everywhere.”.

“The turbulence kept coming,” she said, describing the situation as “CHAOS.”. “.

It has been reported that the aircraft was struck by lightning. One passenger’s husband tweeted: “Those who didn’t have the seat belts buckled got harmed largely because it came as a surprise without the seat belt sign on and lightening hit the plane heavily. “.

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