What Ben Affleck said to Jennifer Lopez during their famous red carpet “argument” is revealed by lip readers

Since the Los Angeles incident, where paparazzi were present to photograph the famous couple arguing, rumors have abounded. We’ll get right to the point: most media outlets have likely greatly exaggerated the story. But what was said has been clarified by a lip reader.

According to the lip reader who spoke with FEMAIL, Affleck and Lopez were reportedly discussing poses and positioning for their time in front of photographers rather than getting into a fight.

During the conversation, which went viral as soon as pictures of it surfaced online, the lip reader claimed that J-Lo questioned whether her low-cut top was “showing too much.”.

Affleck assured her that everything would be great and then leaned into Lopez’s ear, saying, “Don’t worry, darling.

Then Lopez commanded, “Get close to me. ”.

What Ben Affleck said to Jennifer Lopez during their famous red carpet “argument” is revealed by lip readers

“That’s us, done,” Affleck, who starred in Dogma, told Lopez before kissing her and inquiring as to her well-being.

Everyone was watching the couple’s interactions on the red carpet because the next day, a video of Affleck “slamming” a car door in Lopez’s face surfaced on TikTok.

Online critics called the movie “miserable,” and there were rumors that the A-list actors were at odds. Naturally, the events at the premiere the following day only served to fuel these rumors.

Fans may remember another incident involving Affleck and Lopez that made headlines in February when Lopez allegedly told the former to act like he was having fun at the Grammy Awards.

And Affleck said, “I might. ”.

Later, Affleck insisted that he had enjoyed himself and refuted claims that the event had left him unimpressed.

The ‘incident’ on the red carpet is depicted in the following video:.

We are happy that Affleck and Lopez appear to get along despite the unfavorable press they have been subjected to.

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