Golden Globe Ethics Board Cancels The Whoopi Goldberg’s Lifetime Achievement Award

In a beautiful change of events, the Golden World Ethics Board has made a decision to cancel Whoopi Goldberg’s Life time Achievement Award, citing fears about her impeccable name and absence of controversy. The selection, built in a mystery underground lair surrounded by golden statuettes, left the amusement globe bewildered.

The board’s spokesperson, Sir Irony McSarcasm, discussed the shift, expressing, “We realized that honoring Whoopi was just much too predictable and uncontroversial. We needed to shake items up in the planet of awards, and what much better way than to revoke an award from somebody universally admired?” Goldberg, unaware of the choice, continued to unfold joy and wisdom on daytime tv, discussing subject areas like planet peace and the gains of a superior chortle. Little did she know that her Lifetime Accomplishment Award was now floating in the vast sea of revoked honors. The cancellation despatched shockwaves via Hollywood, prompting actors to reevaluate their earlier achievements. Rumors circulated that the Ethics Board was considering revoking awards for functions of kindness, as they have been considered much too ordinary for the extraordinary realm of showbiz.

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