People are Saying One of Patrick Dempsey’s Sons is a Spitting Image and the ‘Next McDreamy’

Renowned actor Patrick Dempsey, known for his roles in Grey’s Anatomy and various films, recently graced the red carpet alongside his wife and children, marking a glamorous family outing at the premiere of the movie “Ferrari.


There’s someone who’s the spitting image of Patrick Dempsey

Among the Dempsey clan, one member, in particular, captured the spotlight – Patrick’s 16-year-old son, Darby, who bears a striking resemblance to his famous father. The Dempsey family’s impeccable style garnered admiration from onlookers, but Darby’s uncanny resemblance to Patrick sparked conversations.

Fans couldn’t contain their amazement, with many noting how Darby seemed like a clone of his dad. Some enthusiasts even dubbed him “the next McDreamy,” a nod to Patrick’s beloved character on Grey’s Anatomy. However, Darby’s striking looks are just one aspect of the Dempsey family’s genetic inheritance. “OMG! His son, the one on the right side of the photo, is his clone! 

Taking a step back to where it all began

Patrick and his wife, Jillian, embarked on their journey of parenthood in 2002 with the birth of their daughter, Talula, who is now 21. Several years later, they welcomed twin boys Darby and Sullivan, now 16, further enriching their family dynamic.

Reflecting on their experience as parents, Patrick disclosed that having a larger family surprisingly eased certain aspects of their lives. He expressed his love for the dynamics of a big family, emphasizing its positive impact on his relationship with his wife and overall lifestyle. “I love having a big family. I think it’s easier, oddly, in some ways, having three children as opposed to one. And it’s been great for my relationship with my wife and our life and everything,” he said in 2008.

However, as their children transitioned into their teenage years, Patrick acknowledged the challenges that came with parenting adolescents. Balancing the need to be present while respecting their growing independence required significant energy and understanding.

Because you need to be around, but they don’t want you around because they’re fighting for their independence, which they should,” he told People in 2023. “They need to find out how they interact in the world, they need to learn those boundaries, they need to make mistakes. And you need to be there for them and allow them to learn from that.”

Named sexiest man alive – and with reason

Introducing PEOPLE’s 2023 #SexiestManAlive, #PatrickDempsey.
Image Credit: People | Instagram

Despite the trials of parenthood, Patrick received a well-deserved accolade when he was named “Sexiest Man Alive.” Graciously accepting the recognition, he noted the timing of this honor in his life and expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment. “I’m glad it’s happening at this point in my life. It’s nice to have the recognition,” he said.

Anticipating his children’s reactions, Patrick humorously remarked that they would likely tease him about the title, showcasing the lighthearted dynamic within the Dempsey family. Beyond Patrick Dempsey’s status as a Hollywood heartthrob, his family’s public appearance serves as a reminder of the genuine connections and shared experiences that bind them together.

With Darby’s emergence as a mirror image of his father and the family’s journey through parenthood, the Dempseys continue to captivate audiences both on and off the screen.

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