‘Devastating’ news prompts Johnny Depp to cancel all appearances

Aside from touring with Hollywood Vampires and promoting his new movie, Jeanne Du Barry, in Cannes and London, Johnny Depp has been very busy. He had to cancel all of his remaining engagements, though, due to a serious injury.

The actor, who is currently promoting his most recent film all over the world, announced on Instagram that he would have to cancel his scheduled appearances with Hollywood Vampires in order to make the remaining dates of his tour.

“My dear friends, I’m sorry to say that I have a cast on my ankle; it’s a drag,” he said to begin. “It began as a hairline break, but between Cannes and The Albert Hall, it worsened instead of getting better.

‘Devastating’ news prompts Johnny Depp to cancel all appearances

I’m currently unable to travel due to several medical professionals strongly advising against participating in any activities, he claimed.

In light of this, the guys and I sincerely apologize for missing you in Boston, New Hampshire, and New York, but fear not, we promise to make it up to the people who paid for those gigs by putting on an incredible show for all of you in Europe and bringing our best to the East Coast later this summer.

“Once more, my sincere and sincere apologies. Love and respect to you, J.D.
” he concluded.

‘Devastating’ news prompts Johnny Depp to cancel all appearances

Along with the apology, Hollywood Vampires’ Instagram page received a flood of encouraging comments.

The message on their official page read, “Johnny has a painful ankle injury from his recent performances, and his doctor has advised against traveling.”. “He is devastated by the turn of events, but he is eager to get better so that all four Vampires can give their best performances on the European tour. ”.

The actor received praise for the following advice: “Get some rest. Your need for it. There is no reason to feel guilty if you get better quickly. We all wish him well and comfort, and we sincerely hope he recovers quickly. ”.

‘Devastating’ news prompts Johnny Depp to cancel all appearances

Another person remarked, “Oh, that’s really sad, but understandable.”. “I’m sending you some courage, and I hope Johnny feels better soon. ”.

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry from Aerosmith, and Tommy Henriksen are the members of the four-piece band known as Hollywood Vampires. For the supergroup, which was established in 2012, Jonny provided slide, lead, rhythm, and keyboards. He sang lead and harmony vocals in addition.

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