Incredible. A 68-year-old woman sang an old hit so beautifully that the judges jumped out of their seats and started crying.

In a word, Jenny is familiar with rock music firsthand. The British began to get involved in vocals at the age of 12. She was brought up on the songs of Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Jeff Lynne. By appointment – genres of applied Academic and pop music. According to the content, there are lyrical, epic, dramatic genres, as well as march and dance. By place of performance – genres of theatrical and concert performance, cinema, etc. Music genres are constantly being updated and developed. So, music is an art in which reality is reflected by means of sound artistic images. It is aimed primarily at the emotional and sensual sphere of a person. Vocal art is the oldest performance of music. This is the art of transmission The artistic content of a musical work by means of a singing voice. Through words and intonation, the sound is given emotional expressiveness. Singing according to the number of performers is divided into solo, ensemble in the form of a duet, trio, quartet, quintet and choral.

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