Massive Win For Fox News Star Greg Gutfeld As He Surpasses Woke Stephen Colbert For The First Time, Crushing Cable Late Night

Greg Gutfeld, the rising conservative news host, is now leading in the coveted A25-54 demographic, surpassing late-night TV competition with ‘Gutfeld!’ delivering its best-ever ratings. Gutfeld outperformed Stephen Colbert in the A25-54 group and beat liberal rivals, including Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon, in total viewership. Airing at 11 PM/ET, ‘Gutfeld!’ also outshone CNN and MSNBC in both total viewers and the A25-54 category.

Furthermore, Gutfeld is a key host on The Five, which has been the top-rated show for eight consecutive months, consistently dominating cable news. Fox News has enjoyed four months of superiority over competitors, including CNN and MSNBC. These numbers reflect a strong demand for patriotism and Christian values, indicating growing discontent with the liberal narrative in America

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