Cher discloses the truth about her hair

In the entertainment industry for many years, Cher has established herself as a legend.
She is loved by many generations.
She is still making headlines at the age of 76.

Cher discloses the truth about her hair

Some people might disagree with some recent revelations she made about her appearance.

Cher, a singer and actress, is still in demand and popular at the age of 76, just as she was when her career was at its peak. Currently, she is promoting her M.A with rapper Saweetie.
line of cosmetics. Additionally, the artist made some intriguing comments in a promotional interview for the cosmetics company.

One of Cher’s most distinctive features has consistently been her long, silky, jet-black hair. Moreover, the singer has publicly declared that she will never change this aspect of her. “It’s [Grey hair is] fine for other girls,” she said in the interview. Simply put, “I’m not doing it. ”.

Cher discloses the truth about her hair

The “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” singer is known for frequently changing the look of her body over the years, but she insists she would never alter the color of her hair. Gray hair on her head is something she detests.

The actress and singer has played around with different hair colors and styles, and she has spoken about donning wigs to alter the way she looks. “There’s nothing wrong with my hair, but I’ve always loved wigs,” she remarked. I might add that they require incredibly little upkeep. It merely makes changing my image easier.

Cher asserts that the secret to her enduring beauty is her ability to think positively, which keeps her looking young more than any cosmetic treatment or product. You’ll always be a girl, Cher said, “but you know what? If you never stop being a girl, you won’t ever get old. ”.

She also disagrees that you should dress or use certain cosmetics after a certain age or that you should, as she says, “have fun.”. I think people who are fixated on someone’s makeup application need to get a life.

Cher discloses the truth about her hair

She did confess to enjoying taking care of her skin in 2017. She listed some of her favorite skincare products, including Jan Marini and Proactiv products as well as the face wash and eye cream made by Dr. Barbara Sturm.

The singer often expresses how much she loves skincare products in her comments. She said, “My skincare routine is very eclectic. I enjoy buying things from different brands and people, Cher continued. “I think a little less is more because sometimes you aim for something and aim beyond it. She now makes a greater effort to take care of her skin.

Cher certainly looks great, so whatever she’s doing must be effective. Of course, she has our best wishes!

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