Whoopi Goldberg Walks off ‘The View’ Amid Miranda Lambert Controversy

Whoopi Goldberg caused a stir on ‘The View’ when she jokingly walked off the stage during a live show. The incident was sparked by a controversy involving singer Miranda Lambert, who stopped one of her recent concerts to scold fans for taking selfies. While it had many critics hopeful for a dramatic moment, Whoopi Goldberg’s departure from the show was all in good fun.

Miranda Lambert found herself in the middle of a debate after she called out concert-goers for taking selfies during her show. With ticket prices likely costing more than just a few bucks, it’s not uncommon for people to capture moments at concerts to share on social media or keep as memories.

On ‘The View’, the co-hosts debated whether Lambert was right in stopping the show to reprimand fans and if fans should be taking selfies at concerts in the first place. The opinions were divided and the tension reached a breaking point when Whoopi Goldberg stood up, walked towards the audience and declared, “I’m leaving y’all.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin tried to bridge the gap between the two sides of the argument. She suggested that Lambert shouldn’t publicly embarrass fans who have paid to see her perform, especially if they’re not causing trouble and simply taking selfies. Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, calling the fans rude for their selfie-taking behavior. She argued, “They paid money for the tickets, they came to see her, so she’s singing. [Give] at least a little respect… acknowledge that you can see her [and] she can see you too.”

Sara Haines, another co-host, acknowledged that the fans who were scolded by Lambert were sitting close to the stage when the incident happened. However, does that justify the singer yelling at them and disrupting the show? This became a debatable point, and Sunny Hostin insinuated that Miranda Lambert was in the wrong, citing the hefty price of VIP tickets at the venue where the selfie controversy occurred. According to a Page Six article quoted on ‘The View,’ Hostin mentioned, “The expensive tickets in the VIP section that they were in are $757. I’m gonna take as many selfies as I want if I paid $757, I’m sorry, just me.” While that might seem excessive, it’s understandable that fans would want a few photos to remember such an expensive concert. That being said, there should be a limit and some balance, where fans can have the best experience without being publicly humiliated by an uptight singer.

The tension escalated when Sunny Hostin triggered Whoopi Goldberg’s frustration, leading Goldberg to suggest that people who can’t stop taking photos of themselves should just “stay home.” Goldberg implied that fans should focus on the performer rather than themselves.

Hostin defended her position in the Miranda Lambert debate, but that’s when Goldberg took her point to another level. She stood up, walked towards the live audience, and took a selfie with someone in the crowd, hoping to prove her point. Did it work? Well, you can watch the video and decide for yourself.

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