Couple Converts American School Bus into Luxury Home: A Family Adventure

Sam and Rachel Dix from Bristol transformed a vintage American yellow school bus into a opulent mobile home, fulfilling their dream of living life on the road, traveling to exotic locales, and making priceless memories. They even welcomed their infant son, Bodhi, on board their unusual home on wheels as their adventure didn’t end there!

The school bus, measuring 37 by 8 feet, was shipped by the couple from New York to Southampton and then to a farm in Somerset. This bus, which once carried 72 kids, now represents the love and adventure of their growing family.

Sam, a 33-year-old self-employed carpenter, expertly executed their vision while his 32-year-old wife, Rachel, took charge of the bus’s interior design.The seats were taken out to make room for beautiful wooden flooring, a useful kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, and a chic bathroom. It was a labor of love that took more than six months to complete.

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Their mobile sanctuary—a bus that provided them with comfort and freedom—became their haven. Solar panels were installed on its exterior, which was still that recognizable yellow, to lower their electricity costs.

Sam even added a light to the bus’ roof to make it easier for the midwives to locate them at night when Rachel went into labor on the organic farm they were parked on. After the midwives arrived at around 8 o’clock that evening, Rachel gave birth to their son Bodhi in the comfortable living room of their mobile home in just three hours.

Bodhi’s birth certificate proudly lists “American School Bus” as the location of his arrival, serving as a testament to the extraordinary journey the Dix family undertook. In honor of Rachel’s late father, who passed away at the age of 52 after a battle with cancer, they made the decision to set out on this adventure. They could pay tribute to his memory while also living fully.

Sam worked on the bus conversion alone for the most part, with some assistance from his parents for the painting and a pro for the electrical work. Their efforts paid off, and the bus’ interior was transformed into a welcoming area.

Every element, from the wooden floors to the organic materials and plants, was carefully planned to create a cozy atmosphere.

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