In a rare interview, Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, discusses her secret “older brother.”

In a rare moment of candour, Paris Jackson discussed her tight relationship with her three siblings.Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s 22-year-old daughter, has been discussing her upbringing in her Unfiltered Facebook Watch series.

The singer and her three brothers refer to Omer Bhatti, a 36-year-old Norwegian dancer and rapper, as their “oldest brother” in the episode, which was uploaded on her Facebook page on July 21.

The children reveal that they and their father, Michael Jackson, considered Omer, a sibling. Those who thought Paris Jackson’s only brothers were Prince Jackson, 23, and Blanket Jackson, 18, maybe stunned by the news.

Omer Bhatti, who appeared on the show, revealed that he is a member of the Jackson family:

“I consider myself an older brother because my mother worked as a nanny for Prince when he was born, and I’ve lived in Paris since she was a baby,” Omer revealed.

“I’d say we raised her in a way. Yes, she is in every manner my younger sister.”

“I can’t tell you when I first met the kids because that’s like asking when you first met your brothers,” he went on.

“I’d always wanted younger siblings, and I finally got them with Prince, Paris, and Blanket, which made me very happy.”

Paris, 36, considers her older brothers to be her closest buddies. “They have my undivided attention.”

“Every time we see each other, our time together revitalises us.”

Paris continued by stating that, despite their age gap, she rarely, if ever, clashes with Omer.

“We’ve never had problems, never disagreed, never argued,” she said of herself and Omer.

“On the other hand, Prince, who is 14 months older than me, and I frequently disagree because this is common for siblings who are so close in age.”

The Norwegian dancer has witnessed the development of each Jackson sibling and has a distinct understanding of their characters.


“Paris was unquestionably a rebel, always more so than Prince,” he writes. “Prince and Paris were radically opposed as children.”

The man added that Prince was always more in line than Paris and would also pursue her. “He observed that I was similar to him in that he was always the older brother attempting to teach her the difference between good and wrong.”

Omer Bhatti, often known as O-Bee, first met Michael when he was nine years old and began performing. He commented on their relationship, stating, “Being on TV and having these appearances afterwards lead me to Michael Jackson.” “In some ways, he adopted me and became a father figure and mentor.”

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“When I was a kid, I was like a sponge, literally taking up everything, and I looked up to him in that way.”

“He later remarked that I was like a small imitation of him,” Omer explained. Finally, I decided to join him on his tour. I’d be virtually directly on the stage.”

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