Kate Middleton’s Mom Carole Shields Her Daughter from Devastating Blow

The Royal Family is currently facing an unprecedented crisis. King Charles and Kate Middleton are battling cancer, and Kate’s absence from the public eye after her abdominal procedure in January has sparked intense speculation. Unfortunately, the Middleton family is now facing another hardship. According to US Weekly, Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, is “desperately” trying to protect her daughter from the devastating debt burdening their family business.

As reported in The Times newspaper, Carole and her husband Michael Middleton are struggling to repay their debts. Their company, Party Pieces, has incurred £260,000 (over $329,000) in insolvency firm costs. The insolvency firm managing their case has confirmed that the Middletons are unable to pay the full amount. Party Pieces, which was launched in 1987 and experienced significant success, went into administration last June. The Middletons now owe creditors a staggering sum of £2.6 million.

In this challenging time, it is crucial for Kate to focus on her recovery and not be burdened with additional worries. Carole Middleton is doing everything she can to ensure her daughter’s full attention remains on her health. “Carole is desperately trying to keep Catherine fully focused on her recovery,” an insider shared with US Weekly. “The family is not seeking any assistance from their children and does not want them to worry. Catherine and her parents are very close, but discussion about the business is off-limits as she needs to prioritize her well-being.”

Royal commentator Afua Hagan further explained, “Carole is doing her best to shield her daughter from stress during her chemotherapy. It’s an incredibly stressful time, and Carole will go to great lengths to protect her daughter. While the collapse of Party Pieces has been devastating for the family, Carole’s primary concern is Kate’s well-being.”

Before marrying Prince William in 2011, Kate worked as a project manager for Party Pieces. Unfortunately, the company has faced significant challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a loss of $316,000.

Carole’s friend expressed her disappointment in the situation to the Daily Mail in 2023, saying, “Carole is understandably upset and deeply disappointed. She has been actively searching for a buyer who not only can take the business forward but also honor the outstanding debts. Carole believes in accountability and realizes she was a bit naive to step back and trust someone else to run the business she had nurtured for decades. It’s heartbreaking to see the company being sold off in this manner.”

Carole is currently providing vital support to her daughter as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy treatment for her cancer diagnosis. “Her mom has been staying with her to help her recuperate,” revealed a source to US Weekly last month.

Let us all hope and pray that these challenges do not impact Kate Middleton’s well-being during this difficult time.

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